A Creative Cat

At an early age creating was what I began to live for. I began scholarshipping may way into creativity at OTIS Art Institute in high school, was showing work at local galleries and began painting murals as an adolescent.

While continuing my pursuit of fine art in my young adult years projects I had been apart of, such as Watts House Project produced by Mario Ybarra Jr. and Slanguage Studio, would be featured in the Los Angeles Times and shown at Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art (LACMA). But aside from illustration and painting, I began developing another passion shooting photos and videos for my own enjoyment.

The instant gratification I found from shooting cameras was addictive, and I began recording everything around me. I set goals and hustled Craigslist trading my way up to equip myself with the gear I needed to create the product I desired. A hop, skip and a jump later I began traveling the US producing videos for progressive clients looking to effectively communicate their message through video. As a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, I consult many of my clients in their marketing strategy/plans, allowing for the greatest potential to be reached from single video projects to entire digital media campaigns.